Obama Can’t Be Bothered To Meet With His Generals

by Sal on September 29, 2009

in International Relations,Politics,War on Terror

President Obama touted the importance of the Afghanistan war during the 2008 election campaign.  He consistently accused Bush of ignoring that campaign, and focusing too much on the Iraq front.  Obama promised that when he was president, he would take whatever steps necessary to obtain victory in Afghanistan (wait, we can’t say victory anymore, can we?)  Since this campaign is supposedly very important to Obama, and he sees it as critical to our national security, one would think that he would want regular updates and strategy sessions with the commanding general in charge of Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal.

Yet Obama has seen it fit to have a meeting with McChrystal only once so far in his Presidency, and that was back in April and via Video Conference.  Contrast that to President Bush, who met often with generals (warning:  MSNBC link).  In actuality as we all now know, Obama’s foreign policy pronouncements during the campaign were nothing but bald-faced lies.  In truth, he cares little or nothing about foreign policy and America’s place in the world.  He holds no interest in whether or not we defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan or in Iraq, and would much rather us become an isolationist nation so that he can pursue making us into his little socialist republic.

This illustrates the danger of Barack Obama.  While his domestic policy agenda is certainly troubling and likely to bring about disastrous results, it is his foreign policy that is truly frightening.  His speech to the United Nations spoke of a change of direction in U.S. foreign policy that would weaken our nation and end our superpower status, a status that has been so vitally important in keeping stability and peace in the world throughout this last century.  This foreign policy is showing itself to be ineffective in Afghanistan and basically neutered in its attempt to deal with serious issues arising in Iran.  We can fix the Domestic agenda in two years time by electing a Republican congress to block much of his remaining policies and attempt to roll back any disasters passed by this congress, but we have to live with Obama’s foreign policy for the next 3+ years.  God help us.

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