The Worship Of Barack Obama

by Sal on September 29, 2009

in Politics,Religion

Conservatives often joke about the seeming messiah-complex of Barack Obama, and how many of his followers seem to look at him as almost a deity.  Such claims are often bolstered by such events as schoolchildren chanting to him, substituting his name into lyrics originally written about Jesus.  Now, a group of community organizers known as the “Gamaliel Foundation” has taken it to a whole new level, chanting for Obama to “hear our cry” and praying “deliver us, Obama.”

This is sick stuff.  Michelle Malkin has details on the Gamaliel Foundation and its connections to Barack Obama, and it is disturbing.  The movement has connections to Saul Alinsky, and they worked closely with Obama in the 1990s in Chicago.  This video highlights the problem and danger of Marxist-based social change movements.  Because there is no belief in a Creator or grounding in a religion, the figure head of the Socialist movement becomes deified.  This was done with both Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet experiment.  The danger here is that if this indoctrination and deification of Barack Obama spreads, it leads to tyrannical rule.  Now, it is likely not to happen here in the United States, but if a significant portion of Obama’s hard-core followers think this way, they themselves could become dangerous.

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