Hopeful Pro-Life Trends Emerge

by Ryan on October 1, 2009

in Culture,Right to Life

Pew Research came out with a poll (pdf) indicating that support for abortion is now tied at 50-50.  The poll’s sampling size was over 4000, so statistically it’s a pretty decent size (no one’s poll is perfect, though).  However, the largest demographic shift they found was amongst Catholics, who may have started actually listening to the homilies at mass.  The trends also indicate that liberals are relaxing their views while conservatives are “retrenching” on the issue.  Very cool.

So, overall nearly every group showed a pro-life shift except for non-religious young people, who want abortion as free-wheeling as ever, and blacks whose numbers did not shift noticeably.  It’s a wonderful sign that more people’s sensibilities on this issue are shifting towards a position which embraces the sanctity of life.

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