Rep. Grayson Razes the Debate

by Ryan on October 1, 2009

in Politics

Freshman Democratic Florida Congressman Alan Grayson undoubtedly tried raising (or razing, perhaps) the political discourse on health care in this country when he added this gem on the House floor the other day:

What a doof!  He was trying to make a point that people without health care do eventually die (unlike the rest of us on health care… apparently we don’t die?).  So, no socialized health care, people die, must be the Republican’s fault plan all along.  Dumb logic and presented in a campy and asinine way.  I expect more thought and better visuals from an 8th grader.

On the merits, though, none of the Republican plans have de facto death panels, steer the nation towards rationing, nor do any current Republican plans take half a trillion dollars away from those who need it most on Medicare.  Seems to me that on the issue of “dying quickly” Grayson’s talking about the wrong party!  No apologies from Congressman Doof, though.  But, what did we really expect from this crew?

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