Karl Rove Sets The Record Straight

by Sal on October 3, 2009

in Economy,Politics

Karl Rove appeared on the O’Reilly factor yesterday, which was guest-hosted by Juan Williams.  Williams challenged Rove on why the Bush administration did nothing to try to prevent the housing crash and the problems with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.  Rove sets the record straight, pointing out how the Republicans and Bush administration had a bill to reform Freddy and Fannie in 2005, but that it was filibustered by the Democrats, along with then newly-elected Senator Barack Obama:

The American people still blame President Bush for the financial collapse.  While I fault Bush for some of his handling of the crisis (Tarp, specifically), the bulk of the blame for this crisis belongs to liberal policies and Democrat politicians.  This information needs to be spread as much as possible, so that when the next shoe drops in this crisis (and it will), Conservatives can place the blame squarely where it lies, on the shoulders of liberal policies.

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