It’s Now Cool To Make Fun of Obama

by Sal on October 4, 2009

in Comedy,Politics

One of the unfortunate aspects of the last year is that most of the mainstream comedians, from Leno to Letterman, and from SNL to the Daily Show, claimed that there was nothing funny about Barack Obama, and therefore they tended not to do any comedy sketches in which he was made to be the fool.  This was unfortunate, because at least in the case of Leno and SNL, there has been historically an even-handed approach to politicians, making fun of both sides.  Last night on Saturday Night Live, the tide turned with the first comedy bit in my memory that actually made fun of Obama.  The skit attempted to outline  Obama’s accomplishments, and determines that he has had exactly zero to date.

A friend of mine has said that Obama is in way over his head, and I think there is something to that.

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