Obama Abandoning the Iraqis

by Sal on October 5, 2009

in The Iraq Front,War on Terror

Obama made a campaign promise about withdrawing from Iraq.  Now, the repercussions of this withdrawal are being seen.  Amy Proctor has a link and a story about how the U.S. military has withdrawn from Anbar province, as part of the withdrawal strategy put forth by Obama, and how the Iraqi’s in that region are feeling abandoned and dismayed.  In 1978, the abandonment of the Iranian people and our allies in their government by Carter led to the birth of the modern Islamo-fasciest movement.  It appears Obama is on his way to making the same mistake again.  How far into the future will we have to live with the consequences of this President’s actions?

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Ryan October 5, 2009 at 4:49 pm

What the Anbar Iraqis have to realize is that although we were all-too-willing to oblige them, the Iraqi Parliament gave us the boot. Though, saying bye would have been a nice gesture, but many of the supermen that turned Anbar around are no longer even in-country anymore. If anyone over complains of being called an “American stooge” over there, just think — two years ago you would have been brutally murdered in front of your family for the same charge. How about a little perspective.

I will say that Anbar is probably the last place we should remove our troops from. The bases, infrastructure, intelligence and good-will that we created there is critical until the last moment we depart. It seems that Obama believes that getting out is potentially more important than how we get out, indicating a lack of foresight that is easy to bug most who’re paying attention. I think Iraq will be alright in the short-term (it’s time to take the training wheels off), but our history with Iraq and our tentative present with them deserves more care than Dear leader is supplying right now.


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