Why The United Nations is Useless

by Sal on October 5, 2009

in International Relations,Israel,Politics,War on Terror

Conservatives for years have been contending that the United Nations is a useless, ineffective organization that caters to dictators and rogue nations.  In an interview yesterday International Atomic Energy Agency (an independent organization that reports to the UN) director-general Mohamed ElBaradei spoke about the security in the Middle East.  He also identified what he saw as it’s greatest threat.

Was it Iran?  No.

Syria?  Nope.

Lebannon or Lybia?  Not even close.

Al Quaeda?  No.  Hamas?  No.

ElBaradei said that the greatest threat to Middle East Security was Israel. Now, the IAEA is the organization which is supposed to be the nuclear watchdog of nations such as Iran and North Korea as they race towards nuclear armament.  Yet ElBaradei is spewing his anti-Semitic rhetoric, claiming Israel is the greatest threat to security.  This, when the leader of Iran denies the holocaust.  This, when many leaders in the Middle East discuss wiping Israel off the map.

This should show as clear as anything the corruption present in the United Nations and its related organizations.  It’s time for the United States to withdraw from it and stop funding this league of terrorists. Oh, wait.  I forgot.  Our President supports these dictators and thugs, and considers the United States to be the terrorists.

The whole cesspool that is the UN makes me sick.

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SPURWING PLOVER February 23, 2011 at 12:34 pm

I saw pictures of secratary genneral KOFFI ANNAN with various dictators and despots like FIDEL CASTRO and SADAM as well and back when the UN played a central roll in what happe ned in the african region of KANTANGA and the UN want to disarm us all


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