“Atlas” Has an Itch

by Ryan on October 6, 2009

in Economy,Politics,Tyranny

Wealthy people are leaving the tax-hell of New York, while 45% of doctors would consider quitting if Obama Care were enacted.  Scary prospects for New York’s looter class and the nation as a whole, respectfully, when those who produce, create, innovate and do the hard work at the top are abused to the point of giving up or leaving. 

The class-warfare stresses are there: 

They’re rich and greedy; they deserve to be taxed more than the rest of us.“ 

Those selfish, greedy doctors – willing to leave the poor, sick people of America because of their own greed.” 

If that’s what you think, just wait and see what happens to the lauded welfare state without those “greedy” people paying for it, along with considerably fewer people ending up left to patch you up.  Why is it so acceptable to discriminate against a specific class of people (the wealthy) and not expect blow-back once a threshold is reached?  Good for them, I say! 

As the American Spectator’s Ralph Reiland points out (spoilers in link), once Obama was inaugurated Ayn Rand’s 52 year-old tome Atlas Shrugged jumped to #33 on Amazon’s top-selling books.  It’s unfortunately an important book for Americans to read nowadays.

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