“Doctoring” a Photo-Op

by Ryan on October 6, 2009

in Economy,Media Bias,Politics

Yesterday, the Obama Administration wanted to push the latest incarnation of that flaming bag of crap known as “Health Care Reform” by having some sympathetic doctors in the audience at the White House.  But, without their trademark MD superhero costumes (the white lab coats), we mere plebes wouldn’t be able to tell who was in the audience. 

Hmmm… what to do?  Check it out:


I mean, would you be able to spot Superman without his costume, or God without his Obama pajamas?  Well, if Obama was going to speak to doctors in their everyday human guise, then no one would know without their snappy lab coats.   Shameless and funny at the same time!  From now on I want old-person costumes passed out during Medicare speeches, Army fatigues passed out during security speeches, and Little Red Books passed out during Obama’s economic speeches!  Otherwise, how would we know what Obama’s speeches are about?

Were we supposed to take this seriously?  Yes, even though it was an obnoxiously over-the-top staged event missed by nearly the entire press and yes, they think we’re idiots.  Stage events all you want, but leave the costumes out of it; Halloween is less than a month away!

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