Glenn Beck Responds To His Critics

by Sal on October 6, 2009

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Glenn Beck has been in the news a lot lately, from an attack piece in Time Magazine to questions of whether or not he is good for Conservatism.  The State-Run media is even hinting that his mother committed suicide when he was a kid.  Beck responded on his show yesterday, in classic Beck fashion:

I don’t agree with Beck on everything.  I think he’s a bit too dismissive of the Republican Party and he comes close to proposing a disastrous movement towards a third party.  But he’s done some great reporting lately on ACORN and Van Jones, and he’s exactly right  in this clip.  Why does the state-run media go after private citizens like Limbaugh and Beck, yet ignore the constant lies and corruption surrounding the Obama administration?

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J October 6, 2009 at 11:02 pm

This whole party deal is killing us. Don’t go third party, go NO party. But since the Democrats won’t give up their party: DISBAND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY> Everyone join the Democratic party! If all republicans join them, there will be only one party, which is the same as no parties in a way. We can take back the Democratic party.

It’d work and here’s why: liberals have heart, conservatives have brains (as Churchill put it). Liberals go and pull the lever for Obama, but if there is one party, they won’t know who to vote for at the LOCAL level. If every name is a democrat, they won’t know who is conservative and who is liberal.

Whereas we conservatives know *damn well* who is conservative! It’d work.


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