New U.S. Policy – Side With Dictators Against Free Speech

by Sal on October 7, 2009

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More evidence that the U.N. is useless:  the human rights commission is made up of mostly nations that have horrific human rights records.  During the last few years of the Bush administration, America had boycotted the council for just this reason.  Now, Obama has decided to join it, and help to push an agenda that is going to curtail free speech and free expression, as the U.S. appeared to want consensus at all costs, and came up with a resolution it crafted with Egypt, which put limits on free expression in areas of “racial and religious discrimination” and also calls for a “moral and social responsibility of the media”, in such vague terms as to allow signatories to put down any media-speech that it finds does not meet that objective.  This was too much even for the liberal European Union:

Even the normally feeble European Union tried to salvage the American capitulation by expressing the hope that the resolution might be read a different way. Speaking on behalf of the EU following the resolution’s adoption, French Ambassador Jean-Baptiste Mattéi declared that “human rights law does not, and should not, protect religions or belief systems, hence the language on stereotyping only applies to stereotyping of individuals . . . and not of ideologies, religions or abstract values. The EU rejects the concept of defamation of religions.” The EU also distanced itself from the American compromise on the media, declaring that “the notion of a moral and social responsibility of the media” goes “well beyond” existing international law and “the EU cannot subscribe to this concept in such general terms.”

What the Obama administration has done here is go against everything that America stands for under the guise of consensus, and has enabled rogue states to put limits on free speech.  The travesty is that Obama’s actions are going to enable and give cover to the persecution, imprisonment, and possibly physical harm of thousands of people across the globe who are suffering under oppressive regimes.  This is not only bad policy, but it is contemptible, and I am ashamed that American policy is moving us in this direction.

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