BBC: Where’d All the Global Warming Go?

by Ryan on October 10, 2009

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In a bold move, the BBC only yesterday asked, “What happened to global warming?  The globe’s temps have been falling since 1998 and the pius members of the international global warming religious movement cannot believe it.  Their best response in the face of the facts are: while it may be getting cooler, the next few years will be heating-up faster than ever, breaking those 1998 records!  These same people admit that while 98% of the Earth’s heat comes from the sun, it has NO meaningful effect on the planet’s temps.  That’s when they lose me.

I’ve never been opposed to the idea that the Earth’s temperature fluctuates, but I have been skeptical of the level of human contribution to those fluctuations, or that reversing the Industrial Revolution will even make a noticeable dent.  You realize that while the Earth’s temps have been dropping this decade India, China, America and all the other major “polluters” have been generally increasing the amount of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere.  That’s odd especially in lieu of the fact that more Indians and Chinese drive cars now than at anytime in history and that their industrial economies are raging more than ever! 

After the Berlin Wall came down, many of the lost and dejected commies traded in red for green and continued their assault on capitalism, free markets and nations who’ve been materially successful.  It’s all about international socialism, especially since the hallowed Kyoto Protocol excluded India and China, the biggest potential polluters of all!  Only the rich countries were targeted to save the planet.  You know what?  Until Panama disappears and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can hug again around the Equator, we’re caught in an unstoppable cycle of ice ages, which would be considerably more dangerous to civilization than longer summers and greener crops from a minute temperature shift over the next 100 years.

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