Obama to End “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

by Ryan on October 11, 2009

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After ignoring this aspect of the gay rights agenda for nine months, President Obama has decided to clutter Congress some more and cling to any group who might boost his polls by finally inferring action on his pledge to end the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy on gays in the military.  Nine months ago I posted on this very issue.  Here are a few excerpts whose concepts have not changed in the subsequent nine months:

I am completely opposed to the military being a place for politically motivated social engineering — we should train soldiers to kill, capture, or remove enemies from an area in the most effective way possible within the general guidelines of combat. Also, General Order #1 to soldiers in the military nowadays is that there is to be no sex while on duty.  Soldiers I’ve met say that this can be very annoying on long deployments!  Yet, to deal with GO #1, the military decided that since we’re allowing women to serve and they didn’t want to lead our boys into temptation, that we’d separate sleeping facilities so that sex acts are not encouraged between soldiers.  DADT solves that standing order for gays who want to serve — we won’t ask, you don’t make a big deal about it and we won’t have to segregate our facilities or make a big deal.  At least in that situation, gays weren’t automatically turned away; we just don’t ask now.  It’s a step up. 

Yet, once gays are allowed to tell, the law of unintended consequences takes effect:  some will say a civil rights victory has been achieved, but will soldiers have to be segregated to comply with GO#1?  What about the impact of soldier’s quarrels on the battlefield?  Is every fist-fight a potential “hate crime” if one in the fight happens to be gay?  Does the government get sued, will the other soldier have to be court-marshaled?  What about the culpability of squad leaders or platoon sergeants in dealing with the newly segregated facilities or fist-fights that take place on their watch?  What about how those kinds of egg-shells affect general morale?  What about transgender folks and their sleeping situation and uniform issues?  Etc.

I stand by my position that our politicians shouldn’t use the military for politically-motivated social engineering experiments.  Lifting DADT will unnecessarily cause more problems than it will solve not because of logic, but because of political correctness and a politically weakened President cow-towing to an angry leftist constituency.

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