“History Calls” Olympia Snowe

by Ryan on October 13, 2009

in Economy,Politics

Olympia Snowe decided today that she would give her Finance Committee vote to the monstrously inept Baucus Plan on health care (aka the Flaming Bag of Crap).  Here are some of her remarks:

OK.  At this point, if this is where Olympia Snowe is politically, it gives great insight into her future votes.  “When history calls, history calls” so that voting for this terrible bill she can further “demonstrate [big government's] capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time.”  When has government budget estimates for big programs ever saved money or even been remotely close to original projections since World War II?  Government, especially this set of stooges, will not solve the health care problem and may exacerbate the collapse of the existing health care system leaving many of us in a dire situation. 

I think Snowe’s setting up a psychological justification to eventually vote for a final health care bill when it eventually comes.  I fear that she’ll believe on that day it’ll be her moment in history to be the final cloture vote which will lead to passage of this terrible bill — and believe me that any final form of this bill will be unreadable, unread, and leave America much worse off than if we’d done nothing.

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