Putin: No Quid Pro Quo on Sanctions

by Ryan on October 14, 2009

in Economy,International Relations,Russia

President Obama’s latest version of “peace in our time” (taking back our promised anti-ballistic missile shield in Eastern Europe) really hasn’t yielded much from the Soviets Russians, who we had tried to please by the move especially regarding the biggest looming international security threat of our age — Iran.  Wasn’t such a gesture in Eastern Europe designed to ease Russian rhetoric and calm their fears about America meddling in their “sphere?”  So, where’s our quid pro quo on Iran?  We leave Eastern Europe to the Russians; the Russians back off on Iran.  Right?

Ha!  Instead of a wink and a nudge, once again Putin has urged restraint and slow-going so as not to “intimidate” Iran in the upcoming talks about potential sanctions on Iran.  Let’s be clear that Russia will not support nor obey any sanctions if passed by the UN anyway!  Putin is a bright guy and very shrewd.  He senses Obama’s obvious weakness and will try to exploit it to enhance Russia’s position in the world every time.  Obama is the kind of egghead I’m sure Putin and his KGB buddies used to beat up just for kicks back in the day.  Well, Putin just did it again, this time on the world stage in a move that embarrasses America and further infuriates those nations we sold out to appease Russia.

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