Stepping Back to Look at the Health Care Debate

by Ryan on October 18, 2009

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Jay D. Homnick writing for the American Spectator had a clever article this week where he steps back and takes a clear-eyed view at the health care debate.  The following day, the Glenn Beck Show had dozens of doctors on to talk about their view of what Washington’s poised to do.  One of the similar criticisms between them was that we have people who don’t know what they’re talking about on the issue (Senators), behind closed doors (in committees which essentially rewrite the bill they just passed anyway), with phantom aides working on issues so big and encompassing that it “boggles” one’s mind that we’d let them get away with this.  But we are.  Here’s Homnick on this issue:

What are they doing? Are they qualified to do it? Is anybody? How do they know the results they will bring? Can they possibly know? What is their track record in previous undertakings? Is anyone keeping track? Are there consequences to them if they fail? What guarantees do we have that if they mess up someone will clean up the mess? With questions like these, it is the height of irresponsibility to trust the fate of a country to this apparatus.

Excellent questions no one bothers to ask (way to keep sucking, Republicans!).  Then, add this:

The cherry-on-top came earlier this week when the insurance industry unveiled a report by Price Waterhouse predicting vastly higher insurance costs if this bill is enacted. Within minutes members of Congress were deriding the bias and distortion of this finding. The irony here is mind-boggling. The worst accountants in the world are heaping scorn on the best accountants in the world, telling them to mind their own business.

When one steps back, one sees an issue completely out of anyone’s control, yet the mantra of “action” and “must do it now” supersedes common sense, fiscal responsibility, and the future of our nation.  The Republicans are wimps and the Democrats have calculated how many seats they can afford to lose next November in order to push this monstrous flaming bag of crap that could likely never be dismantled once enacted.  Congress has definitely earned our cynicism of it.

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