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by Sal on October 20, 2009

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1,502 pages.  That’s the size of the Baucus Bill monstrosity that has finally been published by the Senate finance committee.  That is one massive piece of legislation.  Republicans and Conservative bloggers are scrambling to read the bill, to determine exactly what it is that the government is going to be passing.  Yet the Senate wants to jam this legislation through without giving anyone time to read it (Reid wanted to hold a test vote on cloture as early as today, but was shot down by Republicans and Democrats alike).

The bill now has to be merged with the Senate Health and Human Services Committee bill, which will then be the one debated and voted on.  The CBO still needs to score the actual bill, as the scoring they did previously was just on a framework and was incomplete.  Thankfully, the size of the bill and necessity for CBO scoring may provide the Republicans with a way to shoot down the bill.  They have planned a strategy to delay and expose the bill, attempting to make it politically unpalatable to one or more of the Senate’s so-called “moderates” (really just liberals who have to get elected in Red states).

In reality, no bill should ever be 1,502 pages.  There are those that disagree.  For example, Allahpundit feels he’d rather have the loopholes closed by Congress and not by unelected judges, necessitating such a large bill.  I see his point, but still reject the idea that Congress should be involving itself in such massive pieces of legislation.  To put this in perspective, President Bush’s $1.6 trillion sweeping tax cut bill from 2001 clocked in at a mere 113 pages (PDF).  The unchecked growth of the size of government exists precisely because of mammoth legislation.  This bill is a monstrosity that needs to be killed in any way possible.

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MoogieP October 20, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Yes, this bill and any reprehensible thing coming out of the House need to be put down, with extreme prejudice, before seeing the light of day. The issue is: how to acomplish that noble purpose? I’m feeling a little impotent when it comes to believing my words or opinions hold any sway with the denizens of D.C. Is that part of their master plan?


Ryan October 20, 2009 at 5:21 pm

Possible 2010 or 2012 Republican slogan: “Repeal It All!” No one ever uses that word (“repeal”) in Washington anymore. They should. I say that because I do believe some kind of health care bill is going to pass. The Right cannot stop something from getting through with determined far-left ideologues in power ready to ram (or Rahm) it through regardless of public action/sentiment. They want a permanent monument to guarantee them dependent voters forever (the same way they view the political ramifications of Social Security being repeated with national health care).

Unfortunately we’re ultimately just trying to limit or postpone the impending damage. The more people know about this bill (or any bill this crew is apt to produce) the more likely the final bill gets watered down or postponed until after the 2010 Elections.


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