Cheney: “Drumbeat of Defeatism” from Obama

by Ryan on October 21, 2009

in International Relations,Politics,The Iraq Front,War on Terror

I Heart Cheney for many reasons.  I love his unabashed defense of the Bush Administration’s Gitmo policy, the free-market, the CIA’s advanced interrogation techniques, and now his defense of what the Bush Administration left for Obama to deal with in Afghanistan.  Here’s how Fox reported Cheney’s statement’s on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight:

Well, you had expect that Rahm and Axelrod would attempt to drum up the base with some anti-Bush red-meat.  These guys (like their boss) are pretty classless, but typically liberal in their political expediency.  Like the economy, Afghanistan is something people will eventually stop associating with Bush’s failures/successes and start focusing on the people in charge and their performance.  The Iraq War saw a substantial turn-around from January 2007 through September of that same year when the Surge was in place; less time than Obama has been in office. 

I’m glad Cheney is setting the record straight and taking Obama to task for his indecisiveness, his lack of gumption, and Obama’s false accusations.  In something as important as the War on Terror, this “drumbeat of defeatism” is inexcusable and Cheney is being bold by calling this Administration out.

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