New Treaty Could Threaten US Sovereignty

by Ryan on October 23, 2009

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There’s been a buzz out there on the ”Internets” about a 95-minute speech given in St. Paul by former Thatcher policy advisor Lord Christopher Monckton last week which ripped apart Algore’s numerous global warming theses, while warning America about what President Obama might set into motion by signing the Copenhagen Treaty this December — giving up part of our national sovereignty to fears about bunk science.  Here’s a clip of the end of that speech:

I think Lord Monckton has it wrong in one area, though.  The President can sign all the treaties he wants with as many foreign leaders as he desires, but without passing the Senate, the treaty is not ratified and therefore is not covered by the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution.  Think of when the Senate snubbed the Treaty of Versailles back in the day;  President Wilson wanted it, but the Senate said no!  That was that.

Nonetheless, this Copenhagen Treaty, like Kyoto, is probably just a another attempt by the Greens to fulfill their Red desire to rollback the Industrial Revolution, punish successful nations, and establish themselves and their intellectually elite friends as masters of the universe (or of the Earth at least).

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