America’s Reputation In The World

by Sal on October 26, 2009

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Obama campaigned on the idea of restoring America’s reputation in the world.  What he failed to mention at the time was that he was trying to restore the Carter-era reputation of American being an unreliable partner.  Two cases this weekend illustrate that.

First, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is growing increasingly frustrated with Obama and his dealings with Iran (H/T Moonbattery).  Sarkozy sees the administration as naive in matters of foreign policy, and is looking towards strengthening French relations with other allies as opposed to the U.S. In his money quote, Sarkozy sums up the frustration of the world with Obama’s policy towards Iran and where that policy is leading us:

I support America’s outstretched hand. But what has the international community gained from these offers of dialogue? Nothing but more enriched uranium and centrifuges.

I never thought I’d see a day where France was more hawkish than the United States in foreign policy matters.  I suppose I’ll have to stop making fun of the French, now that they have a President who is a real leader.

It’s not just American allies in Europe that are unhappy with Obama’s foreign policy.  Afghan President Harmid Karzai is rightly concerned that America is no longer a reliable partner:

Is the United States a reliable partner with Afghanistan? Is the West a reliable partner with Afghanistan?  Have we received the commitments that we were given? Have we been treated like a partner?

No one ever questioned the commitments of the United States under Bush. Bush’s policies weren’t always right, and his strategy sometimes seemed backwards, but people knew where he stood and that what America said, America would do.  Now, the world has no such faith in our current President and administration.  Obama has spent his time breaking promises to our allies and coddling dictators and thugs, and look where it’s gotten him.  Our allies do not trust us, and our enemies are emboldened, enriching uranium, and still no more disposed to liking America than they did under President Bush.  No wonder Obama won the Nobel Peace prize.  He has achieved something no other American President has, in getting the whole world to agree on something:   that he is a naive fool in the arena of foreign affairs.

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