The Latest H1N1 Emergency

by Ryan on October 26, 2009

in Economy,Health Care,Politics

The H1N1 Swine Flu virus was officially considered a national emergency by the Obama Administration late Friday evening (you know, so every one would notice).  But, oddly, there aren’t enough vaccines to go around to meet demand, even though we’ve known about this problem since the Spring. 

This announcement has me thinking:  call it an emergency, yet highlight the inept government response too.  Doesn’t make political sense if you think logically.   Yes, the act does make the vaccine easier to distribute, but there’s not enough of it, demonstrating the government’s inability to meet the crisis it just chose to escalate. 

Sounds like one more story not directly related to the smoked-filled backroom shenanigans regarding the health care bill that we  in the loyal opposition are not currently focusing on.  I’ll say one thing:  this Administration is great at the head fake.  Any other emergencies out there before they vote on the health care bill?  Something is due to pop-up before the final vote I’m sure.

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