Democrats Don’t Have the Votes for ObamaCare

by Sal on October 27, 2009

in Politics

It’s starting to look like the Democrats don’t have the votes for the public option.  An internal Democrat memo today shows that the Democrats in the House of Representatives have less than 200 of the 218 votes needed to pass Health Care Reform with a public option.  Similarly, in the Senate, Joe Lieberman announced today that he would join a filibuster of any Health Care Reform Bill that contained a public option.  This, along with Olympia Snowe’s declaration that she will not support Harry Reid’s Public Option, means no public option in the Senate, either.  This doesn’t even take into account Sens. Nelson, Lincoln, and Bayh, all of whom have expressed reservations about voting for cloture.  If the public option is removed, there are a enough members of the Progressive Caucus who are on the record stating that no bill is better than a bill without a public option.  Could ObamaCare be dead?

H/T: Ace of Spades and HotAir

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