Cheney to Support Hutchinson Against Perry?

by Sal on October 28, 2009

in Election 2010,Politics

This one baffles me.  Former Vice-President Dick Cheney is backing Kay Bailey Hutchison over Conservative Rick Perry in the race for Governor of the State of Texas.  Now, I won’t go so far as to call Hutchison a RINO.  She is a moderate conservative in my view, and nowhere near the RINO status of a Lincoln Chaffee or Susan Collins.  That being said, she is a moderate conservative and Gov. Perry is definitely a conservative.  I am not sure what usual argument prevails here to support Hutchison over Perry.  He is a Conservative Governor who is popular, who can obviously win, and is an incumbent.  Cheney is usually pretty right on the nose when it comes to conservatism, so I wonder if this is more personal (as in a favor owed or a personal friendship).  In any case, it is puzzling.

H/T: The Patriot Room

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