DeMint on Term Limits

by Sal on October 28, 2009

in Politics

Sen. Jim DeMint recently penned an essay posted on his Senate website on the subject of term limits.  DeMint is planning to introduce a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits of two 6-year terms for Senators and three 2-year terms for Congressman.  In his short essay, DeMint talks about why term limits are needed and what has happened to Washington, DC to necessitate them:

One of the more unfortunate things I’ve come to realize is that Congress has the power to corrupt even those with the most honorable intentions. Too often, I‘ve seen good, honest citizen legislators come to Washington only to realize that in Congress, you either conform to the system or find yourself on the outside looking in. As a result, the American people are left with more “career politicians” who go along to get along in Congress, and end up beholden to special interests, lobbyists, and big government policies.

I used to be somewhat against term limits when I was younger, idealistically thinking that freedom should allow the people to make up their own minds.  With the imbalance that now exists with gerrymandered districts, campaign finance laws (once dubbed correctly by Rush as the Incumbent Protection Act), and the large machines that can be used to destroy an upstart citizen candidate, I have since changed my mind on the matter.  The founders never envisioned career politicians, yet the vast majority of our Representatives and Senators look at it that way rather than as a call to serve one’s country.

DeMint is right; even the most idealistic of people often become corrupted by the system.  His amendment doesn’t have a prayer in this climate, but it is good that he is raising the issue.  This is one issue that I think would find huge bi-partisan support among the American people, and huge bi-partisan opposition among those in power.  The only way something like this will ever pass is on an influx of enough fresh blood and enough of a populist revolution in this country to force the issue.  The Tea Party movement may be just that movement, but that moment has not yet arrived.

H/T: Stop the ACLU

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