Glenn Beck on the Millennial “Me” Generation

by Ryan on October 28, 2009

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Any chance I get to wreck on the Millennial Generation (depending on who you speak to, it’s those born between 1982 and 1999), is a chance that I’m going to take.  I don’t loathe them, but since I’ve been teaching them for nine years I know that not only are they one day going to be the future of this country, they also need a LOT of help getting there!  So I use my Gen X cynicism (and clarity) to call them out before it’s too late.

So, in that spirit I love what Glenn Beck did the other night on his show!  He called them out in a beautifully clear kind of way:

“Everyone gets a trophy!  Everybody wins!” Did anyone think about what a narcissistic bunch of whiny helpless brats we were bringing up?  How in the process of taking pain away from our kids, being their best friends, throwing “stuff” at them and calling it “raising our kids” we took a piece of their souls away — the part that copes with the reality of pain?  It’s sad to watch how helpless some Millennials are when faced with hardship, then to think that one day they’re going to eventually govern this nation.  Beck is right on with his warning.

Just so you know, I proudly grade tests and papers in red ink — and I’m not about to stop!

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Sal October 28, 2009 at 11:17 pm

I was recently listening to a management podcast regarding managing people from different generational groups. The podcast talked about how parents of some members of the millenial generation requested progress reports about their children from their employers. And this was after college. If you want to figure out why the millennial generation is the way it is, look no further than the parents.


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