New Ad in NY-23 Labels Scozzofava as Choice for Progressives

by Sal on October 29, 2009

in Election 2009,Politics

A new ad in the NY-23 congressional race was put out as a conservative group, made to appear as a pro-Scozzofava ad, detailing her liberal positions on the stimulus, gay marriage, and card check.  The ad labels her the “choice for progressives” in hopes of dissuading Republicans from voting for her:

Politico calls it an underhanded dirty trick.  Ace thinks it’s effective if not a little disingenuous.  I don’t see what the big deal is.  The ad is factual and truthful in every respect.  It doesn’t make anything up, and says what many of us have been saying.  Dede Scozzofava is the choice for Progressives, so much so that she was endorsed by Markos Moulitsas of DailyKOS fame.  So how is this underhanded?  If they had done the same thing from a Conservative perspective, they would have been accused of an attack ad?  Frankly, I think it’s a clever, effective ad that does nothing but tell the truth.  What’s disingenuous and underhanded is Dede Scozzofava trying to portray herself as a conservative.

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