Massachusetts Jobs Not so “Saved or Created”

by Ryan on November 11, 2009

in Economy,Politics

A Boston Globe story came out today about how all those 12, 374 “saved or created” jobs in Massachusetts were a tad bit exaggerated.  The whole “saved or created” concept is ripe for manipulation since you can’t really accurately pin down a truly “saved” job.  I wasn’t fired this year; does that mean my job was somehow saved?  Didn’t the Obama Administration then “save” 89.8% of jobs since we only have a 10.2% unemployment rate?  No, rather the semantics are simply used for political expediency.

Well, in Massachusetts the stimulus money’s affect on the job market looks something like this:

“Massachusetts property owners received $75.5 million in rental subsidies from the stimulus bill, for a reported total of 437 jobs. Recipients of 27 of the 87 contracts reported zero jobs. The others, meanwhile, simply reported the number of employees working at the property. If they received two contracts, for a larger property, they reported the employee figure twice.

For example, Plumley Village East in Worcester listed 23 jobs for each of its two contracts for a total of 46 jobs, even though it has only 23 employees working throughout the complex.”

The above article has tons of these funny numbers being touted by the Administration.  They can’t hide behind fake numbers like these forever.  If the economy is indeed on a rebound (which I don’t believe), then fudging numbers will only come back to haunt the Obama Nation:  2 + 2 can equal 5 for only so long.

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