The Fabricated Obama Persona

by Sal on November 16, 2009

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The Obama campaign was heralded for its use of Twitter in the 2008 campaign cycle.  Many of his supporters followed his Tweets, feeling that it was a connection that they had to him.  Yet as with much of his persona during the 2008 Presidential campaign, Obama’s Twitter account was actually a scripted fabrication.

While in China this week, President Obama, in answering a question on freedom of Internet use in China, declared that he has “never used Twitter.”  That should come as a shock to his millions of followers.  Now, Obama is of course President, and he likely has handlers.  It would be one thing if the campaign had sent simply issue-oriented Tweets to disseminate information, but they made it appear as if many of the messages were personal in nature and were coming directly from Obama himself.  For example, after the election, he Tweeted “This is History,” and when he won the Nobel Prize he supposedly Tweeted “Humbled.”

This phoniness should not be surprising as it is a microcosm of his entire campaign, and is in sharp contrast with other politicians.  For example, former Governor Sarah Palin was well known for actively Tweeting from her Blackberry in her last several months as Governor of Alaska (under the Twitter account @AKGovSarahPalin; note, she has recently started a new Twitter account, @SarahPalinUSA).  The phoniness of the Twitter account by itself would not be a big deal, if so much had not been made of it during the campaign about how “tech-savvy” Obama was.  It is yet another piece of the fabricated Obama, the Obama created by his handlers and propped up by the state-run media.  Like any facade, this one is slowly becoming unraveled.

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