Limbaugh Interviews Palin on Policy

by Sal on November 18, 2009

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Sarah Palin, in the midst of her media tour for Going Rogue, appeared on the Rush Limbaugh radio program yesterday.  Rather than interviewing her exclusively about the book, Limbaugh asked her a number of questions about policy matters, from taxes and spending, to health care, to energy, to Afghanistan and Iran.  Palin’s answers were detailed, specific, and spot-on Conservative.  One of the major criticisms of Palin during the 2008 campaign was that she was a policy lightweight, and that she lacked the experience necessary to run for office (not that our current commander-in-chief had ANY experience before his election, but he’s a liberal, so that’s OK).  Palin’s answers were not only spot-on, but she delivered them with fluidity and ease.  It was obvious that she was not rehearsed or prepped, but was rather speaking from her own understanding of policy and politics.  Rush’s questions were not softballs at all, but rather specific questions regarding current initiatives.

If Sarah Palin does decide to run, she will be a formidable force.  Rather than the lightweight she is made out to be, her knowledge of policy and current issues that she exhibited on Rush will surprise a lot of people.  I highly doubt that her book tour will convince a lot of people, as the state-run media circus is more interested in her criticisms of the McCain campaign and what magazine Levi Johnson is posing in next, but if she does decide to run, it will become obvious after a time (especially at debates – imagine Palin going up against Obama; talk about red meat).  It may be to her advantage that she is “mis-underestimated” (to quote GW), as that often plays well for a Republican candidate.  In any case, if she does decide to run, I would put her head-to-head against any of the supposed GOP hopefuls.

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Dee November 19, 2009 at 12:49 am

Palin will not be a factor in ‘12. She will have her book tour and do her turn as the victim of the liberals, the media, or whatever other goblins she conjures up…and then like the hula hoop and the pet rock before her, she will be gone. It will then fall to the grown-ups to deal with the grown-up problems that face our nation.


Chris November 19, 2009 at 7:11 pm


It disappoints me to see the venom and vitriole Sarah Palin’s detractors have and the lengths they will go to destroy her and drag her through the mud.

I am currently reading her book and have gained even more respect for her than I already had…I would say that respect has turned to admiration! And it makes me laugh how the liberals go after her (I’ll just write 2 or I could write a book myself):

1) “She’s a lightweight because it took her 5 years to graduate college…and look where she graduated from!” As someone who was fortunate enough to have parents who sacrificed to put me through an excellent four year college (and I finished in 3.5 to save them money!), not everyone out there is like me and has to work their way through school. Let’s face it, her family was poor when you consider her father was a school teacher in the 60s/70s, her mother was a secretary and she had sibilings! The fact that she put herself through college is admirable…she had to get it done and had nobody but herself on which to rely. That alone builds character!

2) “Who is she? She has no experience!” As a mayor and a governor, she has executive experience, so needed at the presidency. Obama had none and we can see where we are as a nation, as a result. Palin’s expertise on energy issues is an added plus, considering we are always a Mideast crisis away from an energy crisis in this nation as a result of our reliance on foreign oil, our unwillingness to drill offshore, in ANWR and untilize shale in the Rockies. Her time as governor was successful, energy-wise as she shepherded the natural gas pipeline through its infancy, allowing Sean Parnell to bring it into reality, which will give Alaska the chance to alleviate our energy woes.

The smartest thing John McCain did in the campaign was to nominate her for VP (and for the record, I predicted it!)…had she not been on that ticket, McCain would have been eviscerated at the polls. We would have seen a repeat of 1964 or 1984! She attracts hordes of supporters, gets large crowds whenever she appears somewhere to speak and is showing that she has substance. In life experience, I have witnessed that if a group or a person is scared of another person, they will do anything in their power to take that person out. This is what the liberals are doing to Sarah Palin. They are scared to death of her, jealous of her ease with everday Americans, and cannot fathom how someone lacking a pedigree as herself can rise so far so fast. I really hope those on the left continue to attack because they do so at their peril. Maybe she won’t run in ’12, but if she does, I see a very, very good chance of Sarah Louise Heath Palin becoming our 45th president!


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