Student Protest Over Tuition Hike at UCLA

by Ryan on November 19, 2009

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I love when Millennials protest at college!  Here’s the most famous (and my favorite) moment in Millennial protest historyPlease, tase him again.

Well, here’s a group of college kids at UCLA reacting to a tuition hike in the only way they can — yell loudly, aggravate the cops into reacting, and whine about it some more:

The typical indication of whether or not a Millennial wins an argument is how loudly they yell.  In this case, I’m sure the kids think they won.  They certainly have spirit.  Nonetheless with California on the verge of economic collapse, the good ole days of government handouts and reliance on public institutions to make life comfortable is reaching a breaking point in the Golden State.

But, isn’t this the “Hope and Change” which an estimated 68% of young adults voted for just last year? (sorry, obligatory Obama swipe)  Yet, aren’t your college loans now going through the government now?  Who’s paying for all those loans in the interim?


That’s right — I am, along with my fellow taxpayers!  Maybe one day you will be too (if you can find a job in the Obama Nation).  If not, just wait until they ask for your time — being financially obligated to the Federal Government directly, it’s not a stretch to see this crew asking for “service” requirements in Americorp or the latest incarnation of ACORN as an indentured servant to pay back those loans. I don’t put anything passed this crew.

In all seriousness, I’d like to think this energy can be focused positively on the next election.  But I have a feeling this crew is apt to vote for the biggest handout rather than the soundest policy.

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