Archbishop of Canterbury Echoes Pope on Women in the Priesthood

by Mike on November 20, 2009

in Religion

Well, sort of. The Roman Catholic and Anglican churches have not reached an agreement on the issue of whether women can serve in the Priesthood. They agree on the effect the issue has on unity between the Catholic and Anglican churches.

Today’s Times of London has an article portraying Sharia Law supporter and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams as an authoritative figure laying down the law to the Bishop of Rome on the issue by telling the Catholic Church that the issue of women in the priesthood prevents unity between the churches. What the Times fails to mention is that the Catholic Church has been saying the same thing since at least 1994.

The Anglican Church is its own institution and is free to believe whatever it wants, even if its beliefs contradict the practice of Jesus Christ himself. In the meantime, Catholics will continue to welcome Anglicans whose beliefs are in line with Rome’s into the Catholic Church.

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