Kerry’s Revenge on Afghanistan

by Ryan on November 29, 2009

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John “F’in” Kerry* finally gets some revenge on the Bush Administration through a new report on how we missed our chance to get Bin Laden in December 2001 in the mountains around Tora Bora.  However, on page 9 of the 49 page file (pdf file) Kerry notes that his report’s thesis relies on the same slew of well-known intelligence reports that Bin Laden was likely in the region at the time and we missed our opportunity to nab him.  On file page 20 he admits that we really had no clue how many fighters were even in the Tora Bora complex, yet somehow concludes that our generals should have moved all our troops out of the cities and from Taliban clean-up operations to chase Bin Laden in the mountains (notice the Lib focus on individuals who committed a crime, rather than as Operation Enduring Freedom as part of a war).

If you’re feeling a little deja vu, it’s the same old report with the same old enemies:  the obligatory smack at Bush and Rumsfeld, this time throwing General Tommy Franks under the bus for using too few troops and not being prescient enough to divine the exact location of a few men and their goats in a mountain pass on the brink of winter in one of the most geographically complex and difficult areas in the world.  If we tried harder, I’m sure Kerry and his ilk would have complained about all the money and bombs we wasted hitting rocks, mountainsides and yetis.  Could we have nabbed Bin Laden back then?  Maybe.  That’s the same story we’ve had since 2002.  Maybe.  There’s nothing new here.

However, speaking of throwing people under the bus, it’s no coincidence that Our Dear Leader the Most High and Beneficent Barack Hussein Obama (mm mm m) is going to announce a half-baked strategy to win in Afghanistan this coming Tuesday:  a few more troops, a slightly different urban approach, more lip from the Pakistanis, etc.  Kerry’s report is merely exposition to paint the worst possible picture of the Bush Team so that if Obama’s masterful plan falls flat, they are already in position to blame Bush for Obama’s potential failure.  We have such brave leaders nowadays, don’t we?

*If any Democrat thinks that putting Kerry in charge of this report helps give it gravitas in ANY way, they remain as delusional as ever. Did you know John Kerry served in Vietnam?

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rightonoz November 29, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Sorry guys, this report, though missing some facts states what has been known in ‘circles’ for some time. They also missed the chance to get Omar by the same pussy-footed approach.

Putting aside the politics of it all, there were some serious errors in the prosecution of the war and nothing was learned from the history of Afghanistan and the way their tribal system and broader culture works.

The war was necessary and almost won, however a little less arrogance and a bit more reading of history could have had a better outcome.


Mike November 29, 2009 at 8:41 pm

Sorry Oz, but this report contains nothing other than the content of the speech John Kerry has been delivering to his bathroom mirror every morning since he was defeated by George W. Bush five years ago. Anyone who knows anything about the terrain of Afghanistan and Tora Bora, as I know you do, also knows that the terrain is so rugged with so many underground escape routes that no local is ever cornered there.

The campaign to neuter terrorist networks of global reach is a matter of warfare, not a matter of criminal justice. At the time of the US troops were first entering Afghanistan, the mission was to disrupt the Al Qaeda network by destroying its bases in Afghanistan and removing the Taliban regime that was both sponsoring the terrorist network and providing it safe harbor. Any President who would have diverted resources from that mission in order to capture one man would have abandoned the overall mission in that first front to the War on Terror.

John Kerry has been repeating the line that Bin Laden was “cornered” in Tora Bora since Americans rejected him in 2004. The fact that he had his own committee rubber stamp his failed talking point neither adds gravitas to that talking point nor makes it true.

I have a question about your comment. How would taking the opposite approach to what you call “pussy footing” have comported with sensitivities to what you call “arrogance” and “the tribal system and broader culture?” Your concerns seem inconsistent. Or have you been listening to some Australian state-funded media with an all-too-obvious anti-American bias again? (And am I safe to assume that that is the only media option since your fine country dumped Mr. Howard?)

And another thing . . . welcome back.


Dee November 30, 2009 at 8:50 am

“Any President who would have diverted resources from that mission in order to capture one man would have abandoned the overall mission in that first front to the War on Terror.” Are accusing Bush of doing this very thing when he pulled resources from Afghanastan and invaded Iraq, to get Saddam? It sounds like an accusation. Just asking…Dee


Mike November 30, 2009 at 10:37 am

Nice try Dee, but once again, you missed the point. John Kerry issued a report criticizing the former President for not focusing his attention on a single individual. Whatever the merits and drawbacks of the Iraq war, the mission was not for the sole purpose of getting a single individual.


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