More Suspicious Climategate Revelations

by Ryan on November 30, 2009

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So you want to change the planet’s behavior in regards to CO2 production?  You also want to tell us that man-made global warming will destroy us all one day soon unless we act right now this very instant.  You take your Nobel Prize and wag it in front of us saying that your science is sooooo tight that anyone who has a different view is a “denier” (like a Holocaust denier type-thing, or worse… I can’t tell from your tone).

However, you also just happened to let slip 150 years of temperature records that would have let the world see the subtleties of your airtight scientific argument.  Well, that’s a little odd isn’t it?  I mean it’s not like you were discarding an old cat you’d been dissecting for a week or two; this was hard, simple, easy-to-read numbers which supposedly led to your really important hypothesis on man-made global warming which heavily influences UN reports and many nation’s economic policies.  Hmm…

After a British version of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) wanted to see the University of East Anglia data, that very bombshell came out.  Not very good for that whole “peer review” thing, is it?  Climategate is getting more and more interesting as time goes on!

Drudge even led with this story saying that despite the holes in the man-made climate change argument, not only is Copenhagen is still going forward, but let’s prosecute the hackers!  Sounds a lot like those ACORN nuts (ha!) trying to turn the tables on those who exposed them.  It’s weak.

One of the few things I know about science is that in order for a hypothesis to be proven, one must test again and again eliminating all other feasible possibilities, hopefully with others testing and replicating your findings (“peer reviewing” in scientific parlance).  Science looks to disprove possibilities, not prove existing prejudices.  Any scientific theory that uses absolutes in their language is junk.  Religious institutions discovered millennia ago that there’s this thing called “faith” which presupposes the religion’s belief system, but also implies that it all may not be evident.  It’s pretty airtight because it allows for other possibilities.

Climategate is demonstrating the marital woes of science and politics; and while we noticed that church and state was not always a great and stable marriage, neither apparently is science and state.

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