Tony Abbott Replaces Trumbull as Leader of Aussie Opposition

by Mike on December 1, 2009

in Australia,Politics

The Australian Liberal Party (really conservatives) continued their ongoing game of political musical chairs today when the party ousted its leader Malcolm Trumbull and replaced him with Tony Abbott. Apparently, our Aussie conservative friends were unhappy that Trumbull agreed to support Kevin Rudd’s proposal for an expensive tax and cap scheme. Upon being elected, Abbott immediately set to work to kill the new tax scheme and early indications are that he has succeeded.

It appears the Climategate scandal has legs. Although foreign skepticism seems to be confined to center-right politicians such as Vaclav Klaus and our Aussie friends, it is clear that the tide of public opinion is turning on those who covered up the real data to buttress their arguments in favor of a more intrusive government. Where this goes is anyone’s guess, but it is now clear that the climate change debate is anything but settled, no matter how silent the media may be.

HT: Mark Steyn at the Corner

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