The Dueling Jobs Summits

by Ryan on December 3, 2009

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President Obama opened a “Jobs Summit” in Washington today in a  feeble attempt to salvage what’s left of the failure of his largest legislative initiative to date — the Recovery Act which has miraculously held unemployment at robust 10.2% (at least until November’s figures come out)!

Obama is basically asking for help — he obviously never knew what he was doing, as the Stimulus was merely a Democrat/interest-group payoff:  a $787 billion “Thanks!” for all the community organizing last year.  The solutions which Obama’s summit comes up with will not help, probably hurt, and combined with the specter of Obama Care and Cap-and-Tax will continue to freeze business and keep unemployment high.  However, in Liberal circles, just showing up while looking concerned is usually enough to assuage their concerns.  So in that sense, Obama’s already won simply by having the summit and looking like he cares.

On the other hand, being able to read the writing on the wall while being truly concerned about the economic direction of this country, Newt Gingrich decided to hold his own “REAL Jobs Summit.”  Here’s Newt talking about this issue (and Afghanistan) on Hannity last night.  Real time-tested solutions, real business people, and common sense;  tax cuts, spending cuts, small business incentives and less regulation.  Sounds nice — to be implemented by (fill-in the blank) in January 2013, however.

When union leaders and corporate interests are represented over the national Chamber of Commerce and major representative small business firms, one gets the sense that Obama’s summit is likely to produce more damage than anything else.  I know who wins this duel!

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