Harry Reid’s In Trouble

by Mike on December 4, 2009

in Election 2010,Politics

Mason Dixon, the gold standard of polling at the state level, has come out with a new poll on next year’s Nevada Senate race that is going make Harry Reid declare “this race is won.”  With his favorability rating under 40 percent, the poll shows Reid losing his Senate seat to both of his potential Republican challengers, one of them by double digits.  Unless Reid can change a lot of minds in the next year, he will be the second consecutive Senate Democrat leader to be voted out of the Senate itself.

It’s polls like this that cause me to root for the red-state Democrat every time the Democrats elect a new party leader.  On the one hand, the Democrats will always demand that their leader spearhead the most liberal of initiatives such as supporting the confirmation of activist judges to the Supreme Court, higher taxes, and a government takeover of the greatest health care system in the world.  On the other hand, red-state Democrats must always take care to trick their constituents into believing that they’re centrists.  Reid successfully performed this dance for years before becoming leader, albeit by the skin of his teeth in two of his races.  Now that he leads his party, Reid’s task is more difficult than ever.

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