Obama: Climategate Be Damned — Copenhagen is On!

by Ryan on December 5, 2009

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Well, the forecast wintry mix totaling “a dusting to an inch” is already near three inches deep in my part of Central Jersey, so I couldn’t resist a global warming/Climategate post!  Especially when in the face of all the uncertainty behind much of the climate science underlying the upcoming Copenhagen initiatives, President Obama is going to go full-throttle at the global warming summit next week — scandal be damned!  The Administration is in full push-back mode and look more like “deniers” than any of the skeptics they regularly mock.

To me this further demonstrates how Obama and his people are “true-believers.”  I’ve had many conversations with Conservatives and Moderates about what Obama would do if the Republicans took back a house of Congress next year.  Would Obama triangulate the way Clinton did to get reelected?  Would he moderate by 2012?

One cannot trust his speeches for an indication:  he campaigned as more of a Conservative than McCain did, but has acted more Liberal than McGovern might have!  One could look at his actions on two important issues: health care and climate change.  The public doesn’t want his party’s health care reform nor can we remotely afford it, but he’s pushing it anyway.  There are major unanswered questions surrounding the anthropomorphic climate change issue, but he’ll push it anyway.  I don’t think he’s like Bill Clinton, a man who wanted everyone to like him so he triangulated in order to be reelected in 1996.  Obama’s acting more like that true-believer-type who thinks they’re right.  Cap-and-trade would be a complete mess in this country.  He knows this:

…but pushing his view of the “greater good” to “save the planet” is more important than the interests of the people he was elected to represent.  That’s how Jimmy Carter didn’t get his second term, but it’s also how Jimmy Carter left an awful mess in his wake.

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