Don’t Breathe, It’s Now Harmful to Public Health

by Ryan on December 7, 2009

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Well, I suppose one can breathe IN, just not OUT!

CO2 is a danger to public health;  so says the Environmental Protection Agency today in a Pearl Harbor-like surprise that’s slated to doom our long-term economic future.

In 2007, the Supreme Court allowed the regulation greenhouse gases, including CO2, by the EPA.  Seeing Cap-and-Trade about to die from neglect in the Senate and in an attempt to promote international goodwill towards the Copenhagen crew, Obama’s EPA has decided to make-good on the Supreme Court’s ill-fated decision.   FYI — Justice Kennedy was the swing vote on that 5-4 decision.

I think this act by the EPA could potentially be a back-door way to get Cap-and-Trade.  CO2 is a by-product of our car engines, the coal industry (which accounts for 49% of our nation’s electricity, by the way), multiple other industries, as well as a natural by-product of mammal’s respiratory systems.  With some tinkering from Congress this precedent can easily be used to regulate gas and electricity much like a Cap-and-Trade set-up without Congress taking the full heat.  The jury’s still out on regulating who gets to breathe, but wait, the Dems are debating health care reform, too!  Hmm…

I just want to know:  how many of our Liberal friends at the EPA will take advantage of this new realm of regulation and cut their breathing to save the planet?  This dictate ostensibly makes it bad to breathe.  I can’t wait until next November.

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