Harry Reid: Opponents of Government-Run Health Care Just Like Supporters of Slavery

by Mike on December 7, 2009

in Election 2010,Politics

Harry Reid lashed out at Republican opponents of Obamacare on the Senate floor today, comparing them to politicians who supported the Democrats’ policy on slavery during the nineteenth century.  It was curious that Reid focused his diatribe at the Republican opposition since the Democrat caucus has sixty members, the exact number of votes needed to pass the bill.  Maybe Reid’s aptitude in mathematics is on par with his knowledge of history.  In any event, it’s clear that the Senate Majority Leader is getting desperate and cranky.

Reid cares deeply about the government controlling health care.  So much so that he’s jeopardizing his own re-election to get the bill passed.  It will be one thing if Reid goes down to defeat like Tom Daschle before him if he can pass the health care overhaul.  What Reid will not tolerate is the thought of losing his Senate seat for nothing.  With such a prospect growing more likely by the day, Reid is getting desperate and playing the card Democrats always play when desperate, the race card.

There’s no word yet on what Reid’s Democrat colleague and former Klansmen Robert Byrd thinks of today’s temper tantrum.

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Dave B December 9, 2009 at 1:14 am

The Senate was SUPPOSED to slow things down, think long and hard, debate long and hard, temper the emotions of the day with long term analysis, and was SUPPOSED to be comprised of pragmatic “thinkers” and not the bunch of career drama queen politicians that comprise it right now. That’s why originally Governors used to appoint them because they knew that whoever they appointed would be looking out for their state’s long term interests in conjunction with how it related on the Federal/Union level and it was actually possible for a single senator to filibuster and stop a law from coming to fruition if necessary. Each state is represented equally for a reason. We’re NOT a democracy thank God! That’s two wolves and a sheep deciding which one of them will be supper. That’s white people voting to eliminate black votes in all elections. The President can veto a law passed by both houses. The whole system was set up to STOP new legislation because any new law “picks our pockets and breaks our bones” in some respect. They even have the “power of the purse” to cut off funding for war if necessary. These career drama queen idiots in power now have disgraced us all by their corruption, their partisan antics, and their lack of patriotism when it comes to respecting the intelligence of their constituents. Hence Harry Reid can call his own constituent majority, the majority of taxpayers that pay his salary, and thoughtful people “racists that support slavery”, who are against women sufferage and poor sick children because they won’t accept something less than what he gets. We need to clean house and we need to do it forthwith.


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