Reid Compromise a Farse – Fails to Garner 60 Votes

by Sal on December 9, 2009

in Health Care,Politics

The grand compromise touted by Harry Reid that purports to resolve the issue between liberal and moderate Democrats over the Public Option is a farce, and does not have the 60 votes necessary to end debate, reports the Weekly Standard.  The compromise, which changes the public option to a pool of not-for-profit plans administered by the same organization that administers the congressional health care plans, but includes a public option trigger if targets are not met, is unacceptable to Sen. Joe Lieberman.  Lieberman is also concerned with the provision of the compromise that expands Medicare to those 55 or older.  Couple this with statements by Sen. Olympia Snowe in recent days, and it appears that ObamaCare is not as inevitable as Reid and Obama would have us believe.

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