The ClimateGate Data Manipulation

by Sal on December 10, 2009

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Ace of Spades has the most succinct and thorough explanation yet of how ClimateGate proves that the methodology and data that has been used to support the theory of global warming is a complete farce.  The warmers are still trying to say that the email scandal at CRU is only one dataset in a theory that has been independently verified.  The problem with that line of reasoning, as Ace points out, is that all data used in the climate change models comes from one source, the Global Historic Climate Center at NOAA.  The computations used to model climate change, were then only made by two other sources, the now infamous CRU, and the discredited Godard Institute for Space Studies at NASA, run by the hack Robert Hansen. So since the source data is limited to three tightly connected institutions, and one of them, CRU has now been completely discredited, it should make the whole theory suspect.  Yet the warmers are not even willing to take another look and make sure the data lines up.  This is not the hallmark of true science, it is the hallmark of a cult.

Ace gets into much more detail, but the graph below illustrates why the data needs to be reexamined.  The scientists ministers of warming at CRU took the source data, and then adjusted it.  Granted, some adjustments are necessary due to legitimate changing conditions in the locations of the instruments that took the measurements.  But the CRU warmers typically did not adjust temperatures down enough when they needed to be adjusted down, and adjusted up far too much when an adjustment increase was called for.

This graph shows a location in Australia with it’s temperature chart over time.  The blue line is the raw temperature, showing an average 0.7 degree decline in temperature over the course of the century.  With the adjustments, the scientists at CRU turned that somehow into a 1.2 degree increase in temperature at that location.  The CRU data is filled with that type of adjustments, for which there is no reasonable scientific basis.  Ace has a whole lot more information and detail, but suffice to say, a major monkey wrench has been thrown into the theory of Global Climate Change, enough to call it into question.  Yet the warmers persist and say that theory is sound, despite the overwhelming evidence of the data manipulation used to support the theory.  I guess that warmers can now be equated with Birthers, Truthers, Trigg-Birthers (e.g. Andrew Sullivan) and Flat Earthers, as those who deny the scientific evidence right in front of them, and cling to a theory that is dying a quick and painful death.

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