Planned Parenthood’s Orwellian Tactics

by Sal on December 10, 2009

in Bioethics,Health Care,Right to Life

Planned Parenthood tries to position itself as a woman’s health clinic that happens to perform abortions, rather than an abortion center.  They talk about the importance of a woman’s “choice” and abortion being one option in that choice.  Yet, their clinic actively promotes abortion to those it counsels, and even uses Orwellian tactics in its counseling to try to steer women towards abortion.

In this video, taken at Planned Parenthood in Appleton, WI, a counselor is asked about her baby’s heart beat.  The counselor condescendingly corrects the patient who refers to her unborn baby’s heartbeat, referring to it as “heart tones.”  The doctor consistently refuses to call the fetus a baby, and says it is not a baby until after 7 months.  He also tries to scare the women into having the abortion, citing the fact that “people die having babies.”  When she asks if people die having abortions, he simply responds, “Yes, but it’s never happened to me, and I’ve been doing them for 40 years.”

The truth is, the whole abortion movement is Orwellian in its face.  They refer to it as an issue of “choice” when in fact, the only choice that is important to them is abortion.  They refer to the baby as a “placenta” and “fetus”, which, although correct scientific terms, are used to make the mother not think about the fact that she is carrying a baby.  (Case in point:  the doc says it is a fetus but does not become a baby until month 7 or so.  Yet, by definition, a fetus is “a developing human from usually two months after conception until birth.”  So at 7 months “or so”, it’s a baby, but still a fetus?  The dividing line is so gray as to make it impossible to impose any standards.

This video aside, the philosophical question of abortion simply comes down to two questions.  First, what about a human gives that human the basic rights that we all claim to cherish (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc.).  Second, when does that essential human characteristic that has these rights enter into the life of a developing human?  While we can argue about exactly what it is that gives a human basic rights (I say a soul, but the point can be debated), I think it’s safe to say that most of us think that humans do have basic rights that cannot be removed.

So the only question that remains is, when?  What event actually occurs that suddenly changes a fetus into a human, and conveys rights upon that fetus?  Some say it is viability.  To that, I argue that viability is a constantly moving target as science advances, and that by that argument, a 9-month baby born with some defect that did not allow them to live would not have human rights.  So I ask you.  What change occurs in a fetus that suddenly makes it a human child?  If that question can’t be answered, shouldn’t we err on the side of human life and human dignity?

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Patrick December 10, 2009 at 7:44 pm

We should err or the side of human life. We allow murder to happen, but since it’s called a different name (abortion) we tend to ignore it.


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