Patriots Mascot Caught in Sex Sting

by Ryan on December 12, 2009

in Culture,Rhode Island,Sports

Apparently, not just Tiger Woods pays for sex nowadays!  As it turns out one of the guys who acts as the “Pat the Patriot” was picked up with 13 other people in an undercover sex sting in Rhode Island.

Until last November there was a loophole in Rhode Island law which allowed for prostitution… only if it occurred indoors (see, growing up in Rhode Island the mere fact that a teensy-weensy lil’ loophole like this even exists is not surprising at all — you expect it).  So, if you wanted to solicit a prostitute, just invite her in and it was kosher by RI state law.  However, the Legislature managed to fix this loophole so the police are trying to crackdown on the new law breakers.  Well, through Craigslist the police caught “Pat the Patriot” and others at a hotel trying to (ahem) break the law.

Of course, attempting to solicit a prostitute in RI is a $1000 fine and maybe some jail time, depending on who you know.

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