Welcome to Obamaville!

by Ryan on December 13, 2009

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Check this sign out in Colorado (notice the subtle tone of the news anchors):

Think about this:  the economy started growing again in the Spring of 1991, but Bush 41 still took the heat and lost the 1992 Election on that small eight-month recession (plus his RINO stripes had shown during his term alienating Conservatives and Independents).

The moral for today’s situation:  you can blame Dubya all you want, but this economy is Obama’s now.  Of course, the uncertainty of government takeovers, government spending and largess, and potential restrictions on our freedoms have slowed whatever recovery would likely have happened in 2009.  So I think one can make a legitimate case that despite who’s to blame for starting it, Obama has not done anything to help us in the long-term and has even harmed the private sector in his 11 months in office.  (Plus, what’s with Libs getting hung up on who started what?  Remember Iraq?  They were much more concerned with who was to blame rather than how to win.)

So, others have noticed that too.  I love the shock and hypocrisy of the press and some who’ve commented on the sign: “The person that had the sign made could have donated to the homeless shelter instead.”  Yeah, and the government could have stopped spending all those millions of our dollars on those “Recovery Act” signs littering our roads — did you complain at the time that the government should have used that money to help homeless people, or is it only critics of Obama who get criticized in that manner?  Those signs are anywhere from $300 to $8,300 a piece!  How many bowls of soup or blankets could that buy?

I’m pretty sick of the Left’s sense of moral superiority on these issues.  I like the Hooverville Obamaville sign.  It gets right to the point that there is growth happening in America — mostly just the wrong kind.

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