Is ObamaCare Dead?

by Sal on December 14, 2009

in Health Care,Politics

Depends on who you believe.  John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a source that thinks the debate will go on into January, while chances of ultimate passage of a bill are below 50%.  Clyde Middleton over at The Patriot Room sees ObamaCare dying a slow death, and in make-or-break mode in the next 48-hours.  Just a short time ago, Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) trashed the cost-saving provisions of the bill, putting even his support of ObamaCare in-doubt.  So where are we in the Health Care debate?

Whatever the exact specifics, Lieberman’s announcement over the weekend of his opposition to basically any government-run expansion, whether it be a public option or Medicare expansion, threw the Democrats into chaos.  With Nelson also showing resistance, ObamaCare is in trouble.  Lieberman wants a bi-partisan bill, one which won’t be anything close to what the ultra-liberals in the Senate want.  Obama, sensing his biggest accomplishment slipping through his grasp, has ordered Harry Reid to negotiate with Lieberman, and is summoning the Senate Democrat caucus to the White House tomorrow for a final push.  Whether he can rally them together is an open question, but while the bill is not dead and may yet pass, it is certainly on life support.

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