Unions About to Destroy Lauded DC Voucher Program

by Ryan on December 14, 2009

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I was once under the impression that once a government program was enacted it went on forever.  I was wrong!

In the $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) spending bill which whisked through Congress this weekend, funding for the much lauded DC School Voucher program are being cut:  current students can finish their education, while new students will be denied their opportunity to improve their reading skills, test scores, and assuage the fear of their parents who are scared to death of the failed DC Public School system trapping their children in its ineptitude.

The Washington Opportunity Scholarship Program has been a complete success and disproportionately affects minorities.  So here’s a proven way to help underprivileged minority children in tough times learn and excel at basic skills not being mastered in the failed DC public school system, and the Democrats want it to wither and die!

I belong to a teacher’s union (kinda have to).  I believe that positive P.R. and proven results helps my union negotiate.  However, DC itself is NOT directly paying for the WSF, so the unions and the city should have NO problem with the program, success or failure.  But, the reach of the DC teachers union has successfully stymied the competition by incrementally cutting off the federal funds for this program.  Terrible.

I agree with both the Washington Post and Brit Hume that members of Congress need to continue to fund this program.  I thought everything with Libs was “for the children.”  I guess that principle ends where the teacher’s union begins.

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