Revised Obamacare Bill Would Squeeze the Middle Class

by Mike on December 15, 2009

in Politics

Middle class families are always the hardest hit by government-run schemes.  That’s because need-based programs tend to give the largest subsidies to those with the lowest incomes while gradually phasing out the subsidy as a person’s income gradually increases.  Lower income people have it easier because they get something for nothing.  Wealthy people have it easier because they can afford to pay the taxes required to run such schemes.  However, those with incomes just above the arbitrary cutoff are left with nothing at all even though they are forced to pay their hard-earned income into the system.  Our current system of government-funded financial aid for higher education is an excellent example of this dynamic.  As unfair as these systems normally are to the middle class, they pale in comparison to the burdens that would be imposed by the current version of the Obamacare legislation.

The current Obamacare proposal would cutoff the right to receive a health care subsidy at 400 percent of the federal poverty level.  That means that a family of four earning just $88,200.00 would receive no benefit at all despite paying into the system.  But that isn’t the only problem.  The current Obamacare proposal, in addition to providing nothing to many paying into the system, would also mandate families to purchase health insurance whether they wanted to or not.  According to CBO estimates, that family of four earning $88,200.00 per year would receive nothing from the system they paid into and would also be forced to shell out an additional $15,200.00 per year.

Whether a person is wealthy and has their income wrongfully seized through excessive taxation, poor and trapped in a system that encourages dependence on the state, or stuck somewhere in the middle, all people deserve to be left alone by their government.  This bill shows that some people need to be left alone by their government.  Obamacare needs to visit a death panel, stat.

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