Hillary Clinton: Talking to Iran Didn’t Work

by Sal on December 16, 2009

in International Relations,Israel,Tyranny,War on Terror

Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb, and all we’ve been doing for the past 11 months of the Obama Administration is trying to talk without preconditions.  Well, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now admits that talking has basically yielded jack:

Now, to be fair, the Bush administration wasn’t doing much more than talking.  The Bush administration, however, wasn’t presented with the opportunity that the Obama administration had when the people rose up against the Iranian elections.  The administration could have propped up the protesters, gave them encouragement, and covertly helped them to topple the Iranian regime.  Had they done that, even I would have praised the administration.  Instead, the administration thumbed there nose at the protesters and supported the Iranian regime and election results, because they had high hopes for their “talks.”

One only hopes that there are some grownups in the State and Defense departments who can work to avert a disaster before Iran becomes really dangerous.  If not, our best hope lies in Israel (H/T: The Patriot Room) and the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu.  Somehow, I have more faith in Bibi’s leadership than I do in our own government’s ability and will to tackle this problem, and that fact, while comforting in some ways, also saddens me.

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