Gerald Warner on the Copenhagen Summit

by Mike on December 18, 2009

in Economy,Europe,Politics,science

With the recent slew of evidence that certain scientists manipulated scientific data to hide the decline of global temperatures over the last decade, those of us capable of critical thought are rightly skeptical of claims concerning the role of human activity in climate change.  But the falsifying of data is not the only technique used by devoted followers of the global warming religion.  The UK Telegraph’s Gerald Warner, the man who hilariously coined the term “President Pantywaist”, has an interesting piece on today’s Copenhagen powwow and how it is nothing more than a collection of modern-day snake-oil salesmen who use institutions with undeserved credibility to buttress their message.

Warner’s article is funny, but it also contains a serious point.  Be wary whenever the mainstream media portrays one of its sources as objective.

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